Stadt Feuchtwangen




The most important annual events

the Festival in the Old Town takes place at the beginning of June on the Market Square, known as "Franconia's Festival Hall". Plenty of entertainment and culinary delights are the keynotes of the festival weekend.

Every year - from June to August - thousands of visitors come to see the summer festival plays in the idyllic gardens of the former Benedictine monastery. The "Exhibition in the old Grain Store", the programme of events called "Cloister Plays Extra" and the summer exhibition of amateur artists in the "Kleine Galerie" all go to make the Festival in Feuchtwangen an exceptional cultural experience.

This is the highlight of the year, with thousands of visitors thronging the festival venue, where the holiday atmosphere lasts for five days. The festival procession on the Sunday presents Feuchtwangen's past in a variety of floats.

The Days of Fish, Fur and Feather
at the beginning of November celebrate regional specialities. The Christmas markets on the church square during Advent offer an appropriate end to the cycle of festivities in Feuchtwangen.